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How to choose a microwave oven

How to choose a microwave oven

A type

By type, microwave ovens can be divided, depending on their location, into freestanding and built-in ones . In appearance and characteristics, such ovens are no different from each other. The advantage of built-in models is the saving of kitchen space. However, a drawback should be noted - the cost of built-in microwave ovens is higher than free-standing ones.

It should be remembered that the built-in microwave oven must be installed so that there is free space around it for heat dissipation.

Microwave with electronic control

Microwave oven with mechanical control

Internal coating

Enamel is the most popular option. Advantages - low cost compared to other models, ease of cleaning (just wipe with a soapy sponge). The disadvantage is low strength, when exposed to high temperatures, the enamel may crack.

Paint is the cheapest and at the same time the most fragile coating.

Stainless steel - such models are highly durable, but certain difficulties arise during cleaning, since not all cleaning sponges and detergents can be used.

Ceramics and bioceramics are durable, easy to clean coatings that are highly resistant to soot. Absorbs microwaves to a minimum for fast cooking. The disadvantage is the high cost.

Today's most expensive models can have an antibacterial coating that significantly reduces microbial growth in the oven chamber.


Microwaves can be divided into three volume categories: small (12-20 L), medium (21-27 L), and large (28-42 L).

Small-sized ovens are suitable for heating food and making hot sandwiches for 1-2 people. Microwaves of medium and large sizes are able to provide a complete preparation of dishes, for example, chicken, goose. For a family of 2-3 people, a 17-25 liter oven is quite suitable. If a family consists of 4-6 people, then the best solution would be a stove for 30 liters or more.

Important : the larger the volume of the microwave oven, the larger its size. This circumstance should be taken into account if the choice fell on a built-in unit.


The power can be from 500 to 1500 W or more. Naturally, the higher the power, with other constant indicators, the faster the dishes will be cooked or reheated.

The most acceptable power is 800-1000 W, since such a model is optimal in terms of price, cooking time and energy consumption. Do not forget that not every wiring can withstand significant loads.

There are models of ovens with inverter power control, i.e. microwave power is smoothly regulated using a special mechanism. This reheating / cooking process will maximize the texture and nutritional value of the food.

Power levels

To prepare a wide variety of dishes, you need to adjust the heating intensity of the food in the oven. As a rule, 4-10 levels are provided in microwave ovens. The more such levels, the more accurately you can set the optimal radiation power for a particular dish.

Control type

Mechanical - cheap and easy to use models. The operating time and power are adjustable with a round switch.

Mechanical control has a number of disadvantages: relatively low accuracy of adjustments, limited functionality, and inconvenience in maintenance. A serious disadvantage of such management is the impossibility of accurately tracking the remaining time until the completion of cooking.

Electronic - models with a keypad or touch panel and display. Allows you to use more functions only by pressing the corresponding button. More versatile than mechanical microwaves. Such models are much more expensive, but this is completely covered by their multifunctionality.

It is better to choose a microwave oven with a touch panel - this panel is effective in appearance, easy to clean and less dirty.


There are three main types of ovens:

An ordinary microwave oven - often serves to heat food, has a minimum set of functions. You can cook in it only simple dishes, for example, porridge.

Grill ovens - equipped with a special heating element. Such ovens allow roasting meat, poultry, fish, etc.

Grill types:

Heating element grill - the most convenient option, the movable heating element can be moved if heating is required, for example, from the side;

quartz grill - located at the top of the stove, hidden by a special grate. This type of grill is less powerful than the heating element, therefore, more economical.

Ovens with grill and convection - provide maximum possibilities for cooking various dishes. Convection is an annular heating element and a built-in fan. It is the movement of hot air that allows you to bake and fry food. In such ovens, you can bake baked goods, bake chicken, etc.

It should be remembered that when choosing a microwave oven, you need to designate for what purposes you will use it, and, based on this, decide on the type of oven.


Depending on the model and cost, microwave ovens can have different modes:

auto defrost / auto warm-up - the oven will itself determine the time required for defrost / warm-up, for this you only need to set the type of product;

accelerated defrosting / heating - makes it possible to defrost / reheat small amounts of food much faster;

automatic temperature maintenance - allows you to maintain a certain temperature of the dish if necessary;

and automatic cooking - the presence in the memory of the device for preparing various dishes;

delay start function - allows you to reheat food at a certain time;

programming recipes into memory - allows you to save your own recipes in memory and use them in the future, only by specifying the weight and type of product;

cooking programming - makes it possible to set the sequence of modes (defrosting the product + baking). The user is required to set the type and weight of the product, as well as set the commands in the desired order.

Other functions

Steamer - expands the capabilities of the microwave (cooking steamed dishes, sterilizing dishes, cleaning the working chamber with steam). Advantages: compactness and cost savings (no need to purchase a separate steamer). A microwave oven with a double boiler is well suited for families with small children.

Bread maker - expands the microwave (baking bread, pies). As in the previous case, the user benefits from a 2-in-1 device - compactness and cost savings.

Steam self-cleaning (steam cleaning) - makes it easy to clean the oven working chamber from difficult dirt. It is enough to put a vessel with water inside the device and turn on the appropriate program. Then the dirt is removed with a sponge or cloth.

Deodorizer - neutralizes unpleasant odors in the oven, which can change the taste of the food being cooked. It is advisable to use this function after cooking food with a pronounced odor or in case of smoke.

Temperature sensor - used to monitor the temperature inside the microwave. This function provides highly accurate temperature control and is useful primarily for heating food.

Sound signal - informs about the end of cooking. This signal can be turned off if desired.

Sound timer - allows you to time the time when performing various culinary work in the kitchen.

Blocking - useful if the family has small children. In some models, when the door is opened, the microwave turns off, in others, when the door is locked, the control buttons do not work.

Some modern microwave ovens can be connected to the “smart home” system, which allows you to remotely control the device using a computer, smartphone or tablet. Among other possibilities: receiving messages about the completion of cooking and other information on an electronic device, updating recipes via the Network.


Display - displays information about the operation of the microwave (remaining time, hours, cooking mode and other information).

Skewer - designed for cooking meat, fish and poultry dishes. With the help of a spit, the product is evenly processed from all sides. A skewer is usually used in combination with a grill.

Rotary table - provides uniform heating of the dish, turning it in different directions to the heating element. The size of the turntable varies depending on the dimensions of the furnace and is 200-300 mm or more in different models.

Modern microwave ovens can be equipped with a steaming container and crisp dish (french fries, pizza, roasting poultry, meat, fish). They also provide camera illumination, button opening of the door and other useful functions.


The group of the least quality microwave ovens is made by Clatronic, Delfa , Elenberg , Haier , Hansa , Kaiser , Rainford, Saturn, Scarlett , Vitek , West, Liberton , Mystery , Supra , Zelmer . These are usually inexpensive devices, but simple and without additional functions. More sophisticated furnaces are already comparable in price to more reliable and high-quality equipment. Some brands such as Kaiser are overpriced. In general, this technique is unreliable, and the network of service centers leaves much to be desired.

Products of popular brands Daewoo, Gorenje , Candy , Hotpoint-Ariston , Moulinex, Panasonic , Whirlpool , Zanussi , Ardo, Sharp have a good price / quality ratio . Many manufacturers have a huge number of microwave oven models for any wallet: from simpler models to expensive multifunctional ovens. These companies provide good customer service support, which is especially important for the kitchen appliances we use every day.

Microwave ovens from LG , Samsung , Bosch , Electrolux , AEG , Siemens are leaders in quality . The price for these products depends on the functionality of the device, but this does not affect the quality in any way. That is, buying a cheaper and simpler LG model, you still get a reliable thing. Typically, this technique is well assembled and made from quality materials.

A separate group of microwave ovens are IKEA , Franke , Gaggenau, Smeg, Miele ovens . These are manufacturers of built-in (as a rule) premium-class appliances: very high-quality products, with an elegant and well-thought-out design, sometimes exclusive. However, such ovens are much more expensive than others. In some cases (for example, with IKEA), the high price is due solely to the popularity of the brand. If we consider the expensive Bork technique, then the overpayment for a successful design is obvious. Bork ovens are usually classified as premium, but the quality of microwave ovens does not match the price at all - https://kstech.com.ua/tovari-dlya-kyxni/ak-vybraty-mikrokhvylovu-pich-dlia-domu/

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